New website ads and our new mobile android app

30 May. 2017 ·  admin

Hey everyone! Today we've rolled out some new ad spaces on the site. It was a hard decision, but after exhausting all other options this was the only viable one we can count on to pay our month server costs. Over the past 9 months we've seen the website grow tremendously and as it grows, so do our monthly bills! All the ads we have added should be non-intrusive and if you use an ad blocking software you shouldn't notice them at all! Currently our ad provider is JuicyAds. If you notice any ads that are intending to spread malware or otherwise do harm, please report them either to: admin@h-manga.moe or over at JuicyAd's contact page.

In other news, today we are also releasing our new android mobile app, you can download it here: Download Link

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